Karratha Kite School’s Kitesurfing/Adventure charter to Montebello Islands 2019

After much planning and anticipation our Kitesurfing/Adventure charter with Blue Lightning Charters finally arrived. We departed Damiper Harbour with 9 keen kiteboarders full of excitement for all the adventures that awaited us. We sailed off into the sunset and arrived at the Montebello Islands after a 6 hour trip on calm waters. Upon arrival we found a great set up with a pontoon and comfortable beds on the beautiful Sans Souci.

Beautiful conditions awaited us for the first day of our trip. We awoke amongst the archipelago of islands to be greeted with sunshine, calm waters and a clear glassy ocean. We were lucky to see the Montebello Islands in such beautiful conditions and they did not disappoint!

Foil Time: Light winds and protected waters created some great conditions for giving foil boarding a go. Brad, Charlie and Steve were out straight away on their foils making anything look possible in light winds!

Surfs up: Chad from Blue Lightning Charters made sure he put us on the right spot. Carmen and Nick dominated the left peeling reef breaks whilst the rest of the crew enjoyed giving it a good go and occasionally ending up in the washing machine. Carmen had a big grin paddling in after carving it up out there, and was always frothing for the next surf sesh!

SUP adventures

With glassy conditions forecasted we planned some SUP adventures to explore the islands. Rays and Turtles swam from under our SUP boards as we cruised along. It felt magical to get so close to the marine life, the only sounds to be heard were our paddles lapping against the water and the crew having loads of fun. We weaved our way in and out of bays and down through lagoons, this gave us the chance to scope out uncharted kiteboarding spots and prepare for the wind that was on the horizon. Some of the crew who had not been on Paddle boards before were converted Paddle boarders by the end of the trip.

Whale Watching

We were really spoilt when Blue Lightning Charters took us out Whale watching for the afternoon. We saw many Pods of Whales on the Horizon Breaching and upon returning to the coastline we were greeted with a mother teaching her calf how to breech. What a sight! Charlie captured this amazing moment when the mother and calf breeched right next to our boat!

Fishing/Squiding/Spear Fishing/Diving

More than anything else the Montebello Islands are famous for its rich marine life and  world class fishing. We were all pretty proud of Brad when he came up with a massive Painted Crayfish that was big enough to feed us all! Ben and myself both managed to catch our first Squid on an afternoon stand up paddle board session and the boys caught some big Spanish Mackrel and Coral Trout when they went out for a session on Blue Lightning’s Black Reeley. There were smiles all round when we were served freshly caught seafood for dinner every night. The meals provided by Blue Lightning charters were delicious!

Kitesurfing Paradise!

After being spoilt by perfect glass off days, sunshine, waves, and clear water the trip was topped off with some amazing kiteboarding sessions! When the wind came up we were ready, the lagoons we had scoped out proved to be just as good as anticipated. Stephenson’s channel funnelled in the wind whilst the 2m high islands around it provided perfect protection for smooth riding. Adam’s smile did not leave him as he darted around the glassy lagoon practicing his jumps, Charlie was stoked to find the low Islands generated lift which optimised air time. Everyone was frothing and keen for the next days session upon returning to base that afternoon.

More Kitesurfing

What a way to finish off the trip with a day of kiteboarding right behind Blue Lightning Charter’s Fleet. It was beautiful to see Chatreuse Bay filled with brightly coloured kites fluttering back and fourth. Our whole crew where out kiteboarding until they dropped. The winds continued to blow as we all slowly prepared for the trip back home.

As we set off with the sunset behind us there were big smiles, everyone was buzzing from the amazing week that we had just experienced. We had all tried some form of new adventure sport, and discovered some amazing unchartered kiteboarding spots. The fishing charter crew who we shared Blue Lightning with on the way home were amazed at all the gear that we had bought with us and even more amazed that we had used it all. Surf boards/SUP boards/Kitesurfing twin tips/foil boards/ spear fishing gear/snorkelling gear/kites/wakeboards!

We were lucky to have on board Steve from Raw Sugar Photography – such a talented water sports photographer who captured some amazing moments!

We were thrilled that Karratha Kite School’s first Kitesurfing/Adventure trip to the Montebello Islands had been a success. We managed to take 9 kiters out to uncharted kiteboarding territory, have a great time doing lots of different adventure activities and find some amazing kite spots. We have just touched the tip of the iceberg  – there are an abundance of kiteboarding spots at the Montebello Islands to discover. Bring on round two of Karratha Kite School / Blue lightning Charter’s Kitesurfing/Adventure trip next year!

By Jian Hall

Karratha Kite School