Closed until mid-late June 2020 due to Covid-19

Karratha Kite School will now be closed until at least mid to late June 2020.

Mid February this year with excitement we packed our bags and left Karratha on a family holiday to France, little did we realise this would turn out to be a very long family holiday spent mainly in one cabin in the French Alps.

When the lock down was announced in France mid March, we were given 12 hours to be at the location in which we were to be confined. We had a difficult decision to make…. Do we attempt to get flights the next day back to Australia, leave the safety of our mountain cabin in the Alps, and transit through Paris which at that point was a hot spot for COVID-19, or do we stay put and wait until Covid-19 is better controlled and it is safer to travel.

We decided the safest decision for our 6 month old baby Django was not to travel and stay in the safety of our secluded mountain cabin.

The initial 2 week lock down turned into 4 weeks, then into 8 weeks and we watched the situation rapidly deteriorate in France and around the world.

We have been amazingly lucky to have a mountain to ourselves to explore. We have loved watching the seasons change, the snow melt, the flowers blossum and our baby Django flourish.

Django has had the chance to really bond with his French grandparents who have been hosting us with warmth and love.

As Covid-19 starts to get better controlled in France, restrictions will be progressively eased. Luckily the region which we are in has not had high numbers of Covid-19 so we hope to see lock down restrictions eased here in the next couple of weeks.

Once we can circulate in France we will be looking at options of returning home which will depend on flights and include a 2 week confinement in Perth.

We look forward to returning home, getting out on the water and reconnecting with the kiteboarding community!… But for now we will continue to enjoy the mountain and watch the seasons change.

Here are a few pics of mountain living. See you all soon 🤙💕