Kiteboarding Lessons:

Karratha Kiteboarding offers a range of lessons from beginner to advanced. We have great teaching locations and use only new kiteboarding equipment known to be good for teaching and learning. Customers are taught in a progressive, efficient lesson structure to ensure they get the maximum enjoyment out of the sport. Our goal is to share our passion for kiteboarding, ensure our students have an enjoyable experience and go on to become independent kiteboarders. All lessons are private – one instructor to one student and are individualised for each customer.

2 hours lesson – Advanced:    

Tailored to suit individual requirements and build on kiteboarding skills.

Price $220

3 hour private Level 1 Discovery Course:

In this lesson you will learn about all the fundamentals involved in flying the kite. By the end of the lesson you should be able to demonstrate confidence in: setting up equipment, using safety systems, international communication signals, handling the kiteboarding equipment, launch and landing the kite and flying the kite with one and two hands.

The lesson is designed to take you through the key elements involved in kiteboarding in a progressive manner to help you feel confident whilst having fun learning an amazing adventure sport.

Price: $ 330

3 hour private Level 2 Discovery course:

Once you have mastered the skills involved in flying the kite you are ready to get in the water. At the end of this lesson you should be equipped with the skills required to get up and riding!

Price $ 330

Level 1 Discovery and Level 2 Discovery course: 2 x 3 hour lessons.

Price: $610

The progression and skills achieved by every student will vary depending on the individuals confidence and control of the kite. Some students may require additional lessons before going on to be independent safe kiteboarders.

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