Home Sweet Home

We are now open for the winter season.

On the 18th July we finally touched down in Karratha after our family holiday to France in mid February was unexpectedly extended for a few months due to getting caught in the French Covid-19 lockdown.

We had a 2 week stop over in Perth in which we were confined in a hotel room to complete our quarantine. Our 9month old loved having the complete attention of both his parents and with all the extra time on our hands toilet training commenced. Django accomplished 3 poos in the toilet to Charlies delight!.

We feel happy and relieved to be back home. It is especially relaxing to be home in the Pilbara where Covid-19 does not effect us in our day to day life. It has defiantly been an adventurous year so far.

We look forward to catching up with everyone and getting out on the water. If you see us down on the beach come and say hi.

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